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Cosmetic Dentistry, Lumineers, Teeth Whitening, Zoom! Whitening

Cosmetic Dentistry, Lumineers, Teeth Whitening, Zoom! Whitening

It’s important to care for your teeth, and a cleaning routine is paramount to a healthy smile. When you neglect your teeth, sometimes cavities sneak up on you. When that happens, your family dentist uses composite fillings to fix your cavity. But what can you do to reduce the odds of getting a cavity? What steps should you take to avoid discomfort and pain? You need good dental hygiene. The team at Westland Family & Cosmetic Dentistry knows that everyone benefits from positive habits. The information below may help you get started.

Brush Your Teeth

The first step to a better smile sits with brushing your teeth on a daily basis. A dentist will recommend doing this twice a day, usually between meals and before bed. If you can’t brush your teeth because you’re at work or school, wait until you get home. Westland Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers patients advice for implementing a brushing schedule. No matter what your lifestyle, it’s always possible to brush.

Change Your Diet

Whether you live in Westland, Michigan or elsewhere, you need to balance your meals and eat fruits and vegetables. Some people live on sugary snacks – this leads to serious problems in the long run. When you talk to a dentist, ask the dentist what you can do to keep the momentum going. No matter how frustrating it may be, stick with the plan. Your doctor is also an important source of information. Talk to your doctor before you make any big changes.

A cavity is possible for anyone, but you don’t have to let it happen to you or your loved ones. Talk to your friends at Westland Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. They offer comprehensive, affordable care for the people in their community. Make an appointment with a family dentist you can trust.